Advanced Training Year-long Group: Trance as a Source of Strength and Inspiration
Next Start: Februar 22st – November 2019
5 Seminar sessions – Februar until November 2019

A self-experience and methods seminar to learn about, understand, and apply various trance techniques for self-management and day-to-day life
Coach: Sabine Rittner
Assistant: Sonja Vack
Location: Odenwald-Institut / Wald-Michelbach, near Darmstadt

Trance is beneficial for both body and soul. It facilitates access to creativity and intuition, supports the opening of resources, and can reveal surprising solutions. The state of trance can be used for stress management and self-care, for vision and conflict resolution, and for prevention and therapeutic treatments. Finally, it opens the door to the quest for meaning and spirituality.

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By using intensive self-experience, participants learn different approaches to salutary states of trance. We practice how to revisit these, “navigate” within them, and exit the state successfully. With the help of “Ritual Body Postures”, re-discovered by the anthropologist Prof. Felicitas Goodman, we will open the doors to the perception of a different or expanded reality. This method follows an ancient path to the treasures of archaic layers of our consciousness. In these rituals, which involve a rhythmically stimulated ecstatic state of trance, we can experience powerful visions and receive answers to questions asked. They revolve around the topics of healing – metamorphosis – soul journey – fortune-telling.

For those interested, this group can be an area for experimentation and provide impulses for focused work on personal topics. During the process of re-integration will include the beautiful surroundings of the Odenwald.

We teach gentle and relaxing trance techniques, derived from various traditions, as well as looking to alter our state of consciousness by activating and stimulating the nervous system:

  • Autohypnosis, relaxation methods, meditation, active visualisation
  • Sound and trance, rhythm and trance, singing and trance
  • Various breathing techniques
  • Body and movement techniques, energy exercises, trance dance
  • Rituals with techniques derived from shamanism
  • Ritual Body Postures and Ecstatic Trance® (according to Felicitas Goodman)

As we process and integrate the experience, we are supported by a range of creative methods (movement, painting, writing, singing, making sounds, and creating music), bodywork, and the ritualistic talks with the group. Personal experiences are understood and expanded by units of contemplation, the intelligible transfer of findings from research, video analysis of indigenous cultures, and case studies.

The aim of this educational course is, on the one hand, the teaching of simple, easy-to-learn trance methods, which, with a little bit of practice, can be used by anyone in everyday life. On the other hand, this year-long group offers intense ritual trance experiences, which are essential for a sense of continuity, familiarity, and the powerful support of the community. This seminar is suitable for people who are looking for the right entry to their inner selves, who would like to work on personal problems, find one’s bearings, and later use the trance state productively in a professional context.

→ All participants will receive lecture notes and material related to practice.

→ Participation of this year-long group can be used for the acceptance to the training program Ritual Body Postures and Ecstatic Trance® by F. Goodman. If you are already receiving training in this area, this advanced training course can be certified.

5 Sessions / 17 seminar days in total
February until November 2017

FR, 22.2. – SO, 24.2.2019 (3 days) – Fr. 16 to So. 15 hrs
FR, 19.4. – SO, 21.4.2019 (3 days) – Fr. 16 to So. 15 hrs
SO, 16.6. – Fri, 21.6.2019 (5 days) – Sun. 17 to Fr. 13 hrs
FR, 13.9. – SO, 15.9.2019 (3 days) – Fr. 16 to Su. 15 hrs
FR, 8.11. – SO, 10.11.2019 (3 days) – Fr. 16 to Su. 15 hrs

Between each seminar session, the participants will organise one day each for absorbing the material in groups (4 meetings in total).

Seminar Fees
1795 € for private individuals and 1995 € for companies / establishments / self-employed plus accommodation and meals

Tromm 25
69483 Wald-Michelbach
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Phone.: +49(0)6207/605-0

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