Television programme about Sabine Rittner’s ritual work in Burghof Stauf

Television recordings about the ritual work
by Sabine Rittner

On 1.12.2018, SWR broadcast a television programme on the subject of “Rituals”, partly filmed during my seminar work in the Burghof Stauf and complemented by an interview. It can be viewed in the SWR media library. Here is the direct link.

The beautiful place where this programme was filmed has become my place of life and work:

Burghof Stauf near Eisenberg in the Palatinate

A children’s home on a Celtic settlement square and castle hill in the northern Palatinate, which had been vacant for a long time, was converted by committed people in just 3 years into both a communal housing project ( and a guest house retreat centre ( with seminar facilities. At this special place with an unusual, ancient power place and several castle ruins, surrounded by extensive hilly landscape and forests, many of my seminar offers take place in the meantime. And there I have the luck to live and live with wonderful people from 0-85 years (in the form of a cooperative) in the context of the common housing project.