Cave Worlds – Sound Spaces / September 6th – 8th 2019

Replica of a Palaeolithic swan bone flute - Photo: S.RittnerReplica of a Palaeolithic swan bone flute - Photo: S.Rittner

Excursion: Cave Worlds – Sound Spaces
Friday, 6th – Sunday, 8th of September, 2019

Excursion, Information, Sound and Trance Rituals in the Caves and Origins of our Palaeolithic Ancestors on the Swabian Alb
with Sabine Rittner and Inge Graser
Assistance: Martin Nägele
Location: Schelklingen near Ulm

Have you always wanted to explore the caves and energy sources of our Palaeolithic ancestors? Listen to their sounds, smell their odours, or sense their presence? Experience trance rituals with „Ritual Body Postures”® at the original site of the 35,000-year-old figures? Listen to the sound of ancient flutes and the stories of Palaeolithic men and women at a cosy evening campfire? Find out more about the nature and culture of our Palaeolithic ancestors? Discover the magic of their original works of art?

Replica of the 40,000 year old female figure from the rock cave, Schelklingen - Photo: S.Rittner

Replica of the 40,000 year old female figure from the rock cave, Schelklingen – Photo: S.Rittner

Discovered on the Swabian Alb, the “Venus of Hohle Fels” is the oldest figurative representation of mankind. During the last ice age, both Neanderthals and Homo sapiens lived as hunter-gatherers in the caves of the old Danube valley. They created animal and human figures out of bones and mammoth ivory – the oldest creations of humankind – about 40,000 years ago! The flutes, which were made from swan bones, bear witness to the enormous cultural progress of these people and experiencing these original objects is truly magical.

Inside the caves, which were evidently also used as acoustic spaces, we will use trance rituals and “Ritual Body Postures”® to travel into the world of our ancestors in order to see and feel them in an ecstatic state of trance. We will immerse ourselves with all our senses, explore the ancient energy sites with their welcoming silence, and enjoy the sounds, smells, and the refreshing coolness in the late summer time. During a stone-age lunch at a fire place in the typical Alpine landscape, we get to try some delicacies of the Palaeolithic people.

In order to connect and deepen our own experience with fascinating background information, Inge Graser will share with us some of her geological and archaeological knowledge. Together with her, we get to visit the “Prehistoric Museum Blaubeuren”, which will give us a better understanding of the cultural treasures of this unique art work from the ice age.

We invite you on this journey to finding images and sounds from the world of our ancestors, to our own inner spaces, and oftentimes to transpersonal experiences.

Easy hiking (30-60 minutes) to two different caves on the Swabian Alb, rituals with “Ritual Body Postures and Ecstatic Trance”® by Felicitas Goodman, sound trance, sounds and singing, shamanic perception training, communication, reflection, and a good dose of archaeological and geological information. Furthermore, we will discuss and process our trance experiences with one another.

→ The size of this group is limited to a max. of 20 people.

Replica of the 40,000 year old water bird from the rock cave - Photo: S.Rittner

Replica of the 40,000 year old water bird from the rock cave – Photo: S.Rittner

Sabine Rittner
is a musical psychotherapist, specialising in altered states of consciousness and body oriented psychotherapy. At the University Hospital Heidelberg, she has focused on trance research. She was a friend and long-time student of the anthropologist and consciousness researcher Professor Felicitas Goodman, who authorised her to provide trainings in “Ritual Body Postures and Ecstatic Trance”®.

Inge Graser
is a supervisor, secondary school teacher for biology, geography, and psychology, psychotherapist HP and relaxation coach. She used to live on the Swabian Alb for many years and has thoroughly explored the area. Working with speleologists, she was able to get to know the diverse cultural and historic aspects of the Stone Age caves and origins. To find out more, visit

Martin Nägele is a forest ranger, musician, and has specialised in the making and playing of Palaeolithic musical instruments, as well as the smudging of local plants.

Way through the Bärentalschlucht- Photo: S.Rittner

Way through the Bärentalschlucht- Photo: S.Rittner

 Prof. Felicitas Goodman in her Kiva, New Mexico, ca. 1998 - Photo: N.Nauwald

Prof. Felicitas Goodman in her Kiva, New Mexico, ca. 1998 – Photo: N.Nauwald

Beginning: Friday, September 6th, Arrival from 4 p.m., start 5 p.m.
End: Sunday, September 08th, ca. 4pm

Seminar House „Albgarten“, Schelklingen near Ulm
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→ Arrival by carpooling or directly by train to Schelklingen

Seminar Costs
Fee: 350 € (reduced rate with verification: 300 €) + accommodation and meals (depending on the room category) 145 € to max.170 €

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