Time for Change / April 11th – 14th 2019

Coaching seminar: Time for Change
Thursday, 11th – Sunday, 14th of April, 2019

An experience-oriented coaching process, helping you find a new path in your day-to-day life
Coaches: Sabine Rittner and Norbert A. Büth
Location: Seminarhaus Burghof Stauf in der Pfalz

You are currently looking for clarity and a new beginning in your private and professional life? You feel like it is finally time to listen to your inner voice and only do what is right for you? You want to awaken new hidden strengths and learn how to utilise these in your daily life?

Designed to help you discover your true needs and potential, this intensive seminar will guide you in finding vigour, joy, and fulfilment. We look at what has always kept you from reaching your dreams more consistently. Together we will create a powerful and positive new belief system for you. By creating inner images and new perspectives, we help you realise how your own vital energy can be used more sensibly. You will develop your future direction and plan the next steps.

To (re-)discover your path, it is important to understand both the process of extensive experience as well as clarifying reflection. The success thus lies in the linked access to both conscious and unconscious inner spaces. The experience-oriented coaching process, which was developed by both seminar coaches, is therefore based on an internal vision which seeks to access the targeted use of all perceptual channels and levels (physical, mental, emotional, and psychological). We use structured, more cognitive coaching methods, as well as creative, hypnotherapeutic, and body oriented techniques, which stimulate altered states of consciousness, facilitate the deeper contact with inner knowledge and ultimately help strengthen the newly-discovered direction.

The concept of this seminar is based on group-coaching under dual leadership, which allows greater synergy between the different competencies of both coaches. Furthermore, the seminar allows for individual mentorship but also lets each participant receive support from the group itself, creating multifaceted inspiration and customised solutions.

→ Each participant receives extensive information and practice material to continue the exercises at home.

Seminar coaches

Sabine Rittner
Licensed psychotherapist, music therapist, music pedagogue, trauma therapy, breath and vocal therapy, hypnotherapy, body therapy, lecturer at the Institute for Medical Psychology at University Clinic Heidelberg. National and international seminars since 1980.

Norbert A. Büth
Studied Business Management and Sociology, business consultant, coach for value-oriented future direction. Three decades of experience as a manager and consultant in large international corporations. For further information see: www.team-co.com

Thu., 11.4.2019, 17.00 hrs to
Sun., 14.4.2019, 15.00 hrs

Seminar fee 480,- €
Accommodation and meals: 240,- € single room / 222,- € double roominfo@odenwaldinstitut.de

Seminar- und Gästehaus Burghof Stauf
Burgweg 1
67304 Eisenberg / Stauf

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