Diving into the silence – in the centre of the storm

Time-out seminar day III in Mannheim

“Dive into the silence – in the center of the storm.”
A retreat day with Sufi meditations, ecstatic whirl dance, Sufi poetry and silence.

Live music by the Sufi music group “Hosh Neva

Saturday, 28 November 2020
11.00 – 18.30 hours
Management: Sabine Rittner
places: Mannheim-Sandhofen

This is the third seminar from the cycle of time-out seminar days within a year, which is dedicated to different approaches to forces of change and healing spaces in us.

Research shows that ecstatic trance rituals offer our brain excellent creative possibilities to abandon old evaluation patterns and concepts, to “learn” them, so to speak, in order to create space for visions and embodied embodiments. This ecstatic potential slumbering in each of us has been used by the mystical path of Sufism for almost a thousand years to achieve unity, to merge with the source of creation. It lets itself be in its origins also from ancient shamanic traditions of the Bakse, the shamans of the nomadic Turkic tribes of the Orient.

Beyond all conceptions, beyond what is wrong and right, there is a place: let’s meet there!
Dschalāl ad-Dīn Maulānā Rūmī (1207 – 1273)

Blumen und Sonnenschein

On this retreat day we will learn the gentle, meditative and ecstatic trance techniques of Sufism with intensive breathing, singing, movement and dance, listen to Sufi poetry and stories and immerse ourselves again and again in silence. In the afternoon we will be accompanied for the sung mantra prayer (Dhikr) and the whirl dance (Mevlewi-Sema) by the rousing, ecstatic live music of the Sufi music group “Hosh Neva” from Mannheim.

The seminar is suitable for participants who want to treat themselves to a relaxing time of well-being, who have an interest in self-awareness, who want to open up resources within themselves again, who feel a deep longing for mystical reconnection (re-ligio) within themselves… They can take new strength, inspiration and impulses for healing change processes into their personal everyday life.

Sabine Rittner
is a music therapist, psychotherapist (HP) and has been leading training, further education and self-experience seminars for 40 years. She is permeated and delighted by her decades of experience on the Sufi path with the Sufi Master and music therapist Dr. Oruc Güvenc since 1988. It is my great pleasure to continue this Sufi day in Mannheim in his spirit. More information: www.sabinerittner.de/zur-person/

The musicians:
Hosh Neva is a very famous Sufi music group from Mannheim, famous for their intense, ecstatic music and engaged in the “Oriental Music Academy Mannheim”: www.orientalischemusikakademie.de

The place:

Unfortunately, the Burghof Stauf guest house is no longer available to us for this seminar day. After an intensive search, I found a very beautiful, large hall with a wooden swing floor in the Lutherhaus in Mannheim-Sandhofen, which was kindly made available to us.


– 30 minutes by tram from Mannheim main station

– in the car with carpools, a list of participants will be sent in time.

Seminar fee:
95,- € (reduced with proof 65,- €)

11.00 – 18.30 o’clock



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