Training: Ritual postures and ecstatic trance®

Training “Ritual postures and ecstatic trance”® after Felicitas Goodman

Next start: Sat., 13.03.2021
Location: Hainfeld an der Weinstraße
Seminar Coach: Sabine Rittner

Training group for future certified seminar leaders who work with “ritual postures” in public or would like to integrate them into their profession and everyday life.

With this new training offer I would like to appeal to people,

– who want to bring something healing and reconnecting into the world with the ritual postures,
– who feel the desire to accompany other people on this ancient yet contemporary spiritual, deep ecological journey of experience,
– who know that they want to get deeply involved in this archaic way of trance embedded in the shamanic world view,
– who are willing to take responsibility for accompanying people in altered states of consciousness,
– who are curious, can marvel and belong together for experience and understanding, practice and theory, body and head.

The training consists of a combination of
– intensive self-awareness in the context of a closed annual group for advanced learners, and
– individual training days, on which methodical, technical and content-related deepening takes place. Here you practice, ask questions, reflect critically, laugh, discuss, do research, reflect, exchange, encourage, taste, sympathize, support… On the training days you also supervise the work you have to do yourself with a self-directed local practice group, which is an additional important part of the training.

Since not everything can be taught exclusively on the training days, I expect from the participants a high willingness to open up and communicate, for active cooperation, self-study and research, as well as responsible commitment for their own local practice group. Last but not least, the ritual postures are a spiritual path of experience and growth with shamanic roots, on which each individual is accompanied as an important part of the community.

The training takes place on the basis of the “Training Guidelines of the Felicitas Goodman Institute Germany”. It will be supplemented by many elements from my wealth of experience on the subject of trance and altered states of consciousness. The training guidelines can be inquired with me, I send them gladly to:

My personal path with Felicitas Goodman and the rituals

Since I met the anthropologist and consciousness researcher Prof. Felicitas Goodman in 1993, this extraordinary and ancient path of ecstatic trance has never let go of me. I am deeply grateful that I was able to experience Felicitas Goodman for many years as a teacher, friend and colleague and spend a lot of time with her.

I had the opportunity to explore the effects of ritual postures with different approaches. I have used them in medicine and psychotherapy as well as in intensive wilderness retreats in direct contact with nature. Here the shamanic roots of the ritual postures can be best experienced.

In the meantime I have been able to bring this precious work in lectures and seminars to other European countries, to the USA, to Japan and currently to Australia. In my wildest dreams, when I met Felicitas and turned into a flying tiger flying over the Himalayas in one of the first rituals, I could not have imagined how important this access to ecstatic trance would become for me. And certainly not that he would accompany me into old age. It is of great concern to me to pass on the experiences I was allowed to gain and the knowledge I have acquired into attentive and responsible hands. It is very important for me to teach good methods for the security in the accompaniment of people in changed processes of perception.

Structure of the course and dates

Self-awareness in the context of the annual group-advanced:
9 seminar days (Saturdays + Sundays) on 6 weekends from March to November 2021:
each Saturday or Sunday 11.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. / 4.00 p.m.

1) Sat., 13.3. + Sun., 14.3.2021
2) Sat., 17.4.2021
3) Sat., 5.6. + Sun., 6.6.2021
4) Sat., 24.7.2021
5) Sat., 18.9. + Sun., 19.9.2021
6) Sat., 20.11.2021

Additional 3 training days in small group in 2021:
Sundays 10.00 – 17.00 hrs.

IV) Sun., 18.4.2021
V) Sun., 25.7.2021
VI) Sun., 21.11.2021

This means: As a participant of the training in 2021 you will spend
6 weekends (Saturday + Sunday, with overnight stay!) in Hainfeld.

Important: The registration is always for one year only. After that you can decide to register for another training year.

The place

We work in a lovingly and building biologically very carefully converted, idyllic former farm on the edge of the vineyards. It is only a few minutes walk to the forest, the valleys and hills of the Palatinate with their ancient power places.

Center in balance
wine street 19
76835 Hainfeld in balance/

Seminar Coach: Sabine Rittner

I am a psychotherapist (licensed and HP), music therapist, hypnotherapist specializing in working with altered states of consciousness and body-oriented psychotherapy. I work at the Institute for Medical Psychology of the University Hospital Heidelberg (teaching, psychotherapy, trance research) and in my own practice (psychotherapy, supervision, coaching). I have been leading seminars and training courses at home and abroad for four decades. I was a long-time student of the anthropologist and consciousness researcher Prof. Felicitas Goodman and am authorized to train in the method “Ritual postures and ecstatic trance”®.

More Information


Hainfeld is located between Neustadt an der Weinstraße and Landau in der Pfalz on the western edge of the Rhine Valley.
– Arrival in the car with carpools, a list of participants will be sent in time.
– Those arriving by train can travel to Landau and from there take the bus (or self-organized cab) the 9 km to Hainfeld. If necessary, arrangements can also be made with participants to pick them up.


for 9 seminar days of the advanced year group in 2021: 920,- €
+ for 3 training days in 2021: 310,- €
i.e. the total price for 2021 is: 1230,- €

Accommodation and meals are not included in the seminar price.

Overnight stay

In the center “in balance” there are only a few rooms/sleeping accommodations for rent, but the wonderful opportunity to sleep especially inexpensively on a mattress in the beautiful meditation room.
In the wine village of Hainfeld there are private pensions or accommodation on a winery very close by


Registration for the training is possible if the participation requirements (see “Training Guidelines of the Felicitas Goodman Institute Germany”) are met. Please contact us in advance:

Registration is for one year only.

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