That’ s what my participants say:

Note that the references have been translated, the originals can be found here

“Extraordinary charismatic speaker. Never a dull moment. Smart, courageous and with a high level of self-awareness. Highly recommended.”

“Courageous, innovative ideas and experience with a great professional foundation!”

“Exceptionally dedicated, sound, insightful, experiential, profitable.”

“First-rate lecturer.”

“Very good speaker. I’m impressed.

→ Feedback from participants during the evaluation of the one-week course “Sound-Trance-Voice: Working with altered states of consciousness in psychotherapy” at the Erfurt Psychotherapy Week 2016: average score of the evaluation of all participant feedbacks: 1.0

„Let go of the material, the proving spiritual and let yourself go into the inner world, into a lovingly guided trance. Whoever is ready for this, creates a very excellent basis for himself with this seminar and at the same time is instructed, accompanied, guided and supported by a very experienced trainer. A very valuable seminar, which, if you are immersed in the other world and have had a taste of it, will desire more. Thank you for the wonderful guidance through the seminar.”

→ After completion of the advanced training “Trance as a source of power and inspiration” at the Odenwald Institute 2015: Reinhold Hohmann, Project Manager

“What a pity that I couldn’t be there for the final meeting – even though I felt very close to you and travelled lying down in the bear position at my home. So I would like to take this chance to thank you for the opportunities last year to broaden my horizon … to go a little further. It was and is so valuable to me to be able to make these experiences with you and the group. Thank you, Sabine. I wish you a wonderful, fulfilling summer and look forward to the new/old group in autumn.”

→ According to the annual group “Journeys into the other reality” 2016: Gabriele A.

“I’m looking forward to attending another one of your exciting courses next year. Exciting not only because of what you tell me, but also because of what I learn about myself.”

→ Bettina G., 2015

“Dear Sabine, I think back very often and with pleasure to our year group 2015 and feel many experiences of it still very present in me. I really wanted to share that with you.”

→ After the advanced training “Trance as a source of power and inspiration” at the Odenwald Institute 2015: Michaela H.

“Through your intensive, ritualized preparation and post-processing of the trance, your clearly structured methodology, your mediation of practical experience and psychological/medical theory and through your knowing empathy, you have created a protected framework for me, in which I could confidently enter completely unknown inner and outer worlds. The result is that I can now discover myself and others in everyday life in a completely new way. Thank youuuu.”
“I perceive that I now observe more often than rashly judging (even with myself) and enjoy this changed attitude with all my senses. Through this I feel myself more and am more relaxed, resting in myself.”

→ After the advanced training “Trance as a source of power and inspiration” at the Odenwald Institute 2015: S. Junker, designer

“I am the AND between heaven and earth,
sheltered gently in my spring,
my sanctuary very close to me.
I am carried and held
in warmth, light and eternal love,
Connectedness and inner strength.
The divine is always within me.”

→ Poem of a participant after the introductory seminar “Trance as a source of strength and inspiration”: Susanne S., 2016

“Thanks for your work! I was on a course many years ago and I still like to tell people about it and send people to them. I was so impressed with you and your work then.”

→ K.J., 2015

“The Yearly Trance Seminar 2015 was a special experience for me. Guided, led, held in trust, I was able to find the way to my inner source, embedded in the group, which helped me to a new quality of life. Thank you very much!”
“Once again, thank you both very much, you’ve done a great job.”

→ After the advanced training “Trance as a source of power and inspiration” at the Odenwald Institute 2015: Martin Nägele, forester, musical instrument maker and seminar leader

“I marvel at what you offer and what profession has emerged from the call you must have followed. (…) My reputation is also quite clear, only I don’t know the next steps. That’s why I’m glad when we get in touch.”

→ V. F., 2015

“Thank you for your insightful and always very professional seminar guidance.”

→ Isabelle D., 2016

“Dear Sabine,
You have helped me a lot in the most difficult phase of my life. I have been able to accept your empathy and support very well. You are a special woman with wisdom and a special gift. Thank you.”

→ Peter O., management consultant, trainer, project manager

“The Sound Paths” seminar still touches me with gratitude. And so I gladly let the words to sound and silence from your mail accompany me through the christmas season.”

→ A. A., 2014

“I attended your seminar on the sensuality of singing a few years ago. Today I just want to say thank you for your so lasting work. This joy from back then still resonates in me, sometimes more, sometimes less, and yet always present. Likewise, “my soul song” always comes to my mind at the right time and has since been expanded. (…) I have already recommended your seminars to many people and I hope that some of them have been successful.”

→ U. K., 2014

“Thank you very much for the interesting and nice seminar offers which I received yesterday via your mailing list. I would like to come again to one or the other of your seminars, for example to sing or to awaken the inner artist, especially also because the everyday life as a pensioner often “flattens” me. I would like to loosen that up (…).”

→ H.-C. R., 2014

“Once again I thank you very much for your knowledge, your way, your seminars and experience rooms! In the last 5 years I have learned a lot from you.”

→ D. K. from Stuttgart, 2015

“Thank you for so much, (…) for the enriching seminar and the careful way you conduct your seminars.
In this seminar we all really made a very big breakthrough in our respective development, which is expressed in the pictures. You have inspired us to our own courage to break through boundaries, to try new things, or rather, to trust ourselves with new things. Your special gift to dissolve boundaries, to let it flow, to go from one form of expression to another or to let these forms of expression flow into each other. All this, which you also express in your own artistic work, you can also pass on authentically in your seminars.
I am so glad that I met you back in G. and that I have already participated in some of your seminars. Each time it is very enriching and border-extending, this time especially because the pictorial expression is very appealing to me.”

→ After the seminar “Wake up and live the artist in you” 2014: A. S. from Austria, 2014

“Your trance seminar “Journeys to the other reality” has brought me a lot again. I simply like your authenticity and your comprehensive and careful way of looking after us.”

→ A. S. from Austria, 2013

“Dear Sabine,
Your “Tribal-Trance-Dance-Journey” has set a lot of things in motion for me and was very healing – I feel good! During the seminar I always felt very well looked after and supported by you, the phenomenal musicians of Buschwerk and the whole group. Thank you very much again for this and I will certainly be there again.
Best regards, Rainer E.”

→ July 2014

“Dear Frau Rittner,
It does sooo good how you explore the (consciousness) dimensions and invite to experience them! I was the woman at your congress workshop who, during the trance with rattle and drum, developed the image that the rattle floated in the middle between the drum. (…) Today I believe that the music, leading me into trance, leads me to a place of “integrity” and of being deeply held and at the same time protected permeability. I thank you that you have touched and inspired me so deeply with your presence!
Yours sincerely,
G. H., composition and singing”

→ After a congress workshop in Heidelberg, May 2014

“Hello Sabine,
I am M., who did the seminar “Of the sensuality of singing” half a year ago with you.
Yes – and the whole experience still has an impact. Every morning before breakfast I do 10 minutes of active morning meditation and when I cycle to work I sing my happy power song, i.e. I come to work in a good mood and can also infect my colleagues and boss with my good mood.
I thought, wondering what I’m going to do with my great potential that I had discovered within me. And now I have the impression that I can get involved at any time, that I can bring joy through my way and my job, that I can spread good humour, that I can do good to people… It has occurred to me at some point that I can live my life to the full every day with all the customers I advise in the pharmacy and maybe I don’t have to do anything completely different. I think people are simply important to me and vice versa. It does me good – the insight and I also feel more valuable after your course.”

→ M.O. from Nuremberg, 2009

“Dear Sabine,
thank you for the room I got and for which you have provided lovingly, carefully and caringly. My thanks also for the “seduction” to expand my boundaries. Alone I would have neither dared nor known. Thanks for the guidance.
My respect for your guide. Thanks to the universe, which lets you be connected to higher things.
Respect for the seriousness of your connection with higher beings, energies.
And appreciation for the groundwork in bringing this understanding closer to the inexperienced and unclearly motivated.
I wish you full trust in all female leadership qualities (…) and that your love for the creature and the people may work further and further and further for the benefit of all.
All the best for you and thank you for your contribution to my growth.”

→ After a 14-day intensive seminar on La Gomera with Sabine Rittner 2003: I.G.