The Call of the Drums

Seminar Day II: “The Call of the Drums” – A Ritual Day with Trance Dance and Trance Drumming

Seminar day to (re)discover the power of visions in community. We travel through an intensive ritual of several hours with trance dance, carried by the large circle of shamanic drums and a “ritual posture” according to Felicitas Goodman. Evening fire in the garden to finish.

Sat., 21.08.2021 11 a.m. – 6.30 p.m. resp. open end

Seminar Coach: Sabine Rittner
Location: Hainfeld an der Weinstraße

Number of participants reduced – very early registration is recommended!

“The state of trance is a possibility of experience inherent in man. Trance is the biological door to the other, sacred reality.”

Felicitas D. Goodman

On this seminar day you can immerse yourself for many hours in the wordless resonance space of the drumming pulsating community. In a ritualized, safe space you will listen to the steady pulsating sound of the drums and experience what they have to tell you, where they want to lead you. In the trance dance in the center of the powerful circle of many drums, you are free to dance to your call, to be inspired, to be moved. So you will allow your visions to show up, you will (re)find them, follow them, explore them and embody them dancing in the flesh. In a shamanic ritual with a “Ritual Posture” according to Felicitas Goodman accompanied by many drums and rattles, you can then go on a journey while lying down. Drum trance dance is probably the oldest empowering ritual known to mankind for collectively entering altered states of consciousness. Research shows that ecstatic trance rituals offer our brains excellent creative possibilities to leave old ingrained patterns of evaluation and concepts, to “un-learn”, so to speak, in order to create space for visions and embodied re-directions (embodiment)¹. We will make use of this potential on this powerful day.

“Trance is a state of mindfulness that only happens when you get out of your own way and drop down into your true self, so deep that something inside clicks and you can be and witness your being at the same time.”
 Gabriele Roth

The seminar is suitable for you if you want to fill up joy, creativity, wildness and power in the communal ecstasy of drumming and dancing. You can get surprising answers to your deepest concerns. Inspirations for completely different ways of healing can be shown to you. The seminar is for you if you are interested in self-experience, if you want to open up resources in yourself again. In this way you can take new strength, inspiration and impulses for healing processes of change into your personal everyday life.


Trance dance and trance drumming in the protection of the community and
a “Ritual Posture” of shamanic origin according to Felicitas Goodman, accompanied by many drums.

There will be very little speaking, instead we let our breath, our voice, our body, our movements “speak”. We will use creative expression (sounding, painting, writing) and at the very end also the exchange in small groups to give shape to our experiences, to process them and to integrate them. Previous experience is not necessary. This day is suitable for beginners as well as experienced participants. You can bring your own frame drum, but there are also enough drums for everyone.

Sabine Rittner

is a music therapist, psychotherapist (HP), has been leading training, continuing education and self-awareness seminars for 40 years. She is imbued and delighted by her decades of experience on the Sufi path with the Sufi master and music therapist Dr. Oruc Güvenc since 1988. It is a great pleasure for me to continue this Sufi day in Burghof Stauf in his spirit.

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Zentrum in balance
Weinstraße 19
76835 Hainfeld


Hainfeld is located between Neustadt an der Weinstraße and Landau in der Pfalz on the western edge of the Rhine Valley. – Arrival by car, also with carpools, a list of participants will be sent in time. – Those arriving by train will travel to Landau and from there by bus (or self-organized cab) the 9 km to Hainfeld. Possibly, arrangements can also be made with participants to pick them up.

Seminar fee

95,- € (reduced (with proof): 75,- €)
The common dinner is not included in the seminar price.


11.a.m. – 6.30 p.m.
Afterwards open end: dancing or cozy at the fire in the garden and dinner together


More detailed information will be sent with the registration confirmation. In the center “in balance” there are only a few rooms for rent, but the wonderful possibility to sleep especially cheap on a mattress in the beautiful meditation room. In the wine village of Hainfeld there are private pensions or accommodation on a winery nearby.


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    ¹ To read about embodiment and trance research: Rittner, 2017, 2013, 2011 – see