The Salutary Handling of Internal and External Limits

Seminar: The Salutary Handling of Internal and External Limits
Friday, 13th – Sunday, 15th of November, 2020

An important seminar for people who work with people and want to stay healthy
Seminar Coach: Sabine Rittner
Location: Burghof Stauf in der Pfalz

Self-esteem and the capability to maintain relationships are rooted in the ability to build clear and transparent boundaries. If these are missing or have been put up too fiercely, we run the risk of burning or “starving” both physically and emotionally. Setting suitable boundaries happens between the extremes of mental overload / exhaustion and loneliness / isolation.

However, the most difficult drawing of boundaries involves the one regarding your own standards and the demands you place upon yourself. To distance yourself in a healthy and flexible way means rediscovering your inner centre, being centred.

This seminar offers the opportunity for intensive self-awareness regarding this topic. It will help shape our private life and will continue to significantly influence our long-term helping / pedagogical / therapeutic profession. The aim of these two days is to stimulate healthy change processes. The participants will learn simple and effective techniques which can then be transferred well into everyday life.

The ritual of Ritual Body Postures and Ecstatic Trance © according to Prof. Felicitas Goodman, sound trance, hypnotherapy, introspection and external perception exercises, partner exercises, contemplation and information. We use both creative means of expression (our voice, movement, painting, writing, making music) as well as partner and group discussions to help shape our impressions, process, and then integrate them.

→ All participants will receive information and exercise material for take-away purposes.

Begin: Friday, 13th Nov 2020, 6pm
End: Sunday, 15th Nov 2020,  2pm

Seminar Fees
Seminar fee: 290,- Euro (reduced 250,-€)
Accommodation and meals:
160,- € in a single room / 148,- € in a double room
for the entire time

Burghof Stauf in der Pfalz
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