The Sensuality of Singing

“The Sensuality of Singing”

An intensive self-awareness week in nature with breath, voice and body work, trance and rituals.

Fri., 03.06. – Wed., 08.06.2022 (Whitsun vacations)
at Odenwald-Institut, Wald-Michelbach

Seminar Coach: Sabine Rittner
Assistant: Julia Jung (Singer, Voicecoach)

Singing is the most original form of self-expression. Through the sound of our voice – whether singing or speaking – the entire facet richness of our personality resounds through. Our voice is sounding, “loud biography”.

This seminar is intended as an introduction for people who want to feel, hear, experience more about their own voice and who want to rediscover and learn to use this most natural source of nurturing and healing power within themselves. It is intended as a preventive, health-promoting measure for all those whose professional “main working tool” is the voice. It is also aimed at people who occasionally experience breathing and voice difficulties in stressful situations in their daily work and who would like to gain experience and practical advice on how to prevent permanent voice disorders in good time. We take time and space to rediscover our very own voice, sometimes buried under “dirt and stress”. Through the path of intensive self-experience we will get to know our life melody and open ourselves to the possibility of being given a very personal song of power from our innermost source in a nature ritual.

In the alternation of practical self-experience and theoretical integration, of quiet contemplation and playful design, of contemplation and joint reflection, of courage for demarcation and pleasure in surrender, of solitude and communal experience, closeness and distance, expression and impression … we will work on the expansion of our self-awareness and physical-voice expression. The connection between body, breath, voice, mood and health will be experienced directly.

On our journey of discovery we will be accompanied by: Voice and body work, free intuitive tones and voice improvisation, a bit of voice technique, relaxation and sound massages, rituals and intensive nature experience, body sound and resonance spaces, dance and trance, rhythm and power, songs and improvisations, chakra work and meditations, sensuality and body contact, colors and shapes as well as fascinating voices from many cultures of the world. And: silence.

Together we will rediscover the pleasure of the sensuality of singing.


Start: Fri., 03.06.2022, 5 p.m.
End: Wed., 08.06.2022, 1 p.m.

Seminar fee

500,- € + overnight stay / board: 378,- € in single room / 298,- € in double room


Trommstr. 25
D-69483 Wald-Michelbach
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Tel. 06207/605-0


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