Dive into the silence – in the center of the storm

Time-out seminar day III: Dive into the silence – in the center of the storm

A retreat day with Sufi meditations, ecstatic whirling dance, Sufi mysticism and: silence.

Life music by the Sufi music group “Hosh Neva” Evening fire in the garden to end Saturday, November 6, 2021 11:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. or open end

Seminar Coach: Sabine Rittner
Location: Hainfeld an der Weinstraße

Number of participants reduced – very early registration is recommended!

This is the third seminar from the cycle of time-out seminar days within a year, which is dedicated to different accesses to transformational forces and healing spaces within us. This is the third seminar from the cycle of time-out seminar days within a year, which is dedicated to different accesses to transformational forces and healing spaces within us. Research shows that ecstatic trance rituals offer our brains excellent creative opportunities to leave old ingrained patterns of evaluation and concepts, to “un-learn”, so to speak, in order to create space for visions and embodied re-directions (embodiment)
(for reference: Rittner, 2017, 2013, 2011 – see www.sabinerittner.de/en/publikations/).
This ecstatic potential dormant in each of us has been harnessed by the mystical path of Sufism for almost a thousand years to reach unity, to merge with the source of creation. In its origins, it is also inspired by the ancient shamanic traditions of the Bakse, the shamans of the nomadic Turkic tribes of the Orient.

Beyond all ideas, beyond what is wrong and right, there is a place: let’s meet there!
Dschalāl ad-Dīn Maulānā Rūmī (1207 – 1273)

Blumen und Sonnenschein

On this retreat day we will learn both gentle, meditative, and ecstatic trance techniques of Sufism with intense breathing, singing, in movement and dance, listening to Sufi poetry and stories, and also repeatedly immersing ourselves in silence. In the afternoon we will be accompanied for the chanted mantra prayer (Dhikr) and the whirling dance (Mevlewi-Sema) by the rousing, ecstatic life music of the Sufi music group “Hosh Neva” from Mannheim. During a delicious vegetarian dinner (on request) the evening can end together in conversation or in silence by the fire in the garden. The seminar is suitable for participants who want to treat themselves to an inspiring day of time-out, who have an interest in self-experience, who want to tap into resources within themselves again, who feel a deep longing for mystical reconnection (re-ligio) within themselves…. You can take new strength, inspiration and impulses for healing processes of change into your personal everyday life.

Sabine Rittner

ist Musiktherapeutin, Psychotherapeutin (HP), leitet seit 40 Jahren Aus-, Weiterbildungs- und Selbsterfahrungsseminare. Sie ist durchdrungen und beglückt von ihren jahrzehntelangen Erfahrungen auf dem Sufi-Weg mit dem Sufi-Meister und Musiktherapeuten Dr. Oruc Güvenc seit 1988. Es ist mir eine große Freude, in seinem Geist diesen Sufi-Meditationstag weiterzuführen.
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The Musicians

Hosh Neva ist eine sehr bekannte Sufi-Musikgruppe aus Mannheim, die für ihre intensive, ekstatische Musik berühmt und in der „Orientalischen Musikakademie Mannheim“ engagiert ist: www.orientalischemusikakademie.de


Zentrum in balance
Weinstraße 19
76835 Hainfeld


Hainfeld liegt zwischen Neustadt an der Weinstraße und Landau in der Pfalz am westlichen Rand des Rheintales. – Anreise im Auto, auch mit Fahrgemeinschaften, eine Teilnehmerliste wird rechtzeitig versandt. – Wer mit der Bahn anreist, fährt bis Landau und von dort mit dem Bus (oder selbst organisiertem Taxi) die 9 km bis nach Hainfeld. Evtl. können auch mit Teilnehmern Verabredungen zum Abholen getroffen werden.

Seminar fee

95,- € (ermäßigt 75,- €) Das gemeinsame Abendessen ist nicht im Seminarpreis enthalten.


11.00 – 18.30 Uhr Anschließend offener Ausklang: tanzend oder gemütlich am Feuer im Garten und gemeinsames Abendessen


More detailed information will be sent with the registration confirmation. In the center “in balance” there are only a few rooms for rent, but the wonderful possibility to sleep especially cheap on a mattress in the beautiful meditation room. In the wine village of Hainfeld there are private pensions or accommodation on a winery nearby.


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