Journey into an Alternate Reality – advanced

Journey into an Alternate Reality – advanced

Starting Sat, 05.06.2021, 6 Dates
Sat. 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. resp. open end
Sun. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Seminar Coach: Sabine Rittner
Location: Hainfeld an der Weinstraße

This year-long group offers experienced participants the opportunity to explore the healing mind-expanding potential of trance states in depth, in order to open up new spaces for themselves and to make the experiences and insights gained from them usable in a healing way in everyday life and work.

The point is to question, to review habitual, well-worn patterns of perception, because the creative potential of trance states lies primarily in stimulating our neuronal networks for “confusing and unlearning”. For this purpose, paths leading both into tranquility and into arousal (ecstasy) are offered. The center of each meeting is the ritual with one of the “ritual postures”® rediscovered by the anthropologist Prof. Felicitas Goodman. In this group, very few and particularly extensive rituals are offered on each date, so that a deepening exploration of one’s own worlds of perception and consciousness is possible while “traveling” in different dimensions of reality. It is about eliciting the melody of uniqueness from our body as the instrument of our soul.

Afterwards there is the possibility to end the seminar day in the evening chatting or in silence, dancing, having dinner together, taking a walk or sitting comfortably by the fire.


Various ancient and modern methods of targeted consciousness change and guidance, such as “Ritual Postures and Ecstatic Trance” according to Prof. Felicitas Goodman, trance dance and drumming, sound trance and hypnosis, Sufi meditation and shamanic dances, breathing techniques, voice and ritual chants, body painting, etc. We use creative expression (movement, painting, writing, instruments, our voice) and circle talk to give shape to our impressions, to process and integrate them

Sabine Rittner

is a music therapist, psychotherapist (approb. and HP), has been leading training, continuing education and self-awareness seminars for 40 years, and is active in research and teaching at the Institute for Medical Psychology at the University Hospital in Heidelberg. She is a trainer for “Ritual Postures and Ecstatic Trance®” according to Felicitas Goodman.

Participation requirement

previous participation in at least 2 annual groups “Journeys into the other reality” with Sabine Rittner in Heidelberg or at least 1 continuing education cycle “Trance as a source of power and inspiration” in the Odenwald Institute. In addition, sufficient resilience and self-regulation ability for the transfer of experiences into everyday reality.


The annual group includes a total of 9 Saturdays + Sundays on 6 weekends from March to November 2021. The 1st, 3rd and 5th date is with overnight stay!
Sat., 13.03. + So., 14.03.2021
Sat., 17.04.2021
1) Sat., 5.6. + So., 6.6.2021
2) Sat., 24.07.2021
3) Sat., 18.09. + So., 19.09.2021
4) Sat., 20.11.2021
5) Sat., 4.12. + So., 5.12.2021
6) Sat., 22.1.2022
It is recommended to register very early, as the number of participants will be reduced (due to Corona)!


Saturdays 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., then open end, dancing or cozy by the fire in the garden and dinner together possible, Sundays 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Seminar fee

920,- € (reduced. 840,- € for students, unemployed – with proof).
Accommodation and meals are not included in the seminar price.


Zentrum in balance
Weinstraße 19
76835 Hainfeld


Hainfeld is located between Neustadt an der Weinstraße and Landau in der Pfalz on the western edge of the Rhine Valley.
– Arrival by car, also with carpools, a list of participants will be sent in time.
– Those arriving by train will travel to Landau and from there by bus (or self-organized cab) the 9 km to Hainfeld. Possibly, arrangements can also be made with participants to pick them up.


In the center “in balance” there are a few rooms. Overnight stay in the energetically and building biologically calmed meditation room is very inexpensive possible. In the picturesque wine village of Hainfeld there are private pensions or accommodation on a winery nearby.


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