Journey into an Alternate Reality – Year-long Group


A self-experience year-long group: Journey into an Alternate Reality
Next Start, Saturday February 22th, 2020
Saturdays, 8 dates always from 11 – 6pm (incl. dinner 7pm)

Trance rituals as a way of coping with everyday life
Seminar Coach: Sabine Rittner
Assistance: Kathrin Stranghoener
Location: Burghof Stauf bei Eisenberg in der Pfalz

This annual group offers participants the opportunity to get to know the salutary mind-opening potential of trance states, to explore them in depth and learn how to use them in everyday life, exploring both the path of tranquillity and of excitement (ecstasy).

The trance technique, re-discovered by anthropologist Felicitas Goodman, called “Ritual Body Postures”® will be at the centre of each session. In these rituals, which involve a rhythmically stimulated ecstatic state of trance, we experience visions and receive answers to questions asked. In a broader sense, these experiences will evolve around the topics of healing – metamorphosis – soul journey – speaking truthfully. In addition, we can let ourselves be carried away by the sound of ritual instruments, such as the pre-Columbian “Peruvian whistling vessels”.

“Ritual Body Postures and Ecstatic Trance”® by Prof. Felicitas Goodman, trance dance and drums, sound and trance, hypnosis, sufi meditation and shamanic dances, breathing, voice and body painting etc. We use creative means of expression (movement, painting, writing, playing instruments and using our own voice) and the sharing with the group to help shape, process, and integrate our impressions.

This annual group includes ten Saturdays from November 2017 to July 2018. Early registration is highly recommended.

Sat., 22.2.2020
Sun., 5.4.2020
Sun., 10.5.2020
Sat., 11.7.2020
Sat., 22.8.2020
Sat, 26.9.2020
Sat., 7.11.2020
Sat., 29.11.2020
The annual group covers eight Saturdays or Sundays from February 2020 to November
It is advisable to register very early.
Times: 11.00 – 18.00 hrs, after that an open finale is possible.
On request: dinner (vegetarian, organic, regional) at 19.00 (included in the seminar price!)

Seminar Fees
750,- € (reduced 650,- € for students, unemployed – with proof)
The dinner is included in the participation fee.

If you would like to take a relaxing break before or after the seminar day, e.g. with a hike in the beautiful Palatinate Forest to the nearby Rosenthal Monastery, lazing around, massage or other individual wellness treatments, you can go to
Special conditions for overnight stays in our “Gästehaus Burghof Stauf”. Please book directly at with reference to this seminar.

A long time empty Children’s home on a Celtic island Settlement square and castle hill in of the Northern Palatinate was supported by committed people both to a communal housing project (, as well as to one of the Guest House Retreat Centre ( with Seminar operation rebuilt. In this special place, surrounded by extensive hilly landscape and woods, you will find this annual group for advanced trance enthusiasts in the seminar room as well as in the in nature.

The view from our seminar room in the morning

The view from our seminar room in the morning

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