Music Psychotherapy

In my consultations, therapies and coachings, non-verbal and body-oriented approaches to unconscious resources play an important role. Music Therapy offers here rich accesses: receptive, by the immediate effect of sounds in the “soundtrance” and active by the expression of feelings in the improvisational playing with musical instruments.

Thus, e.g. when lying on the whole-body monochord, you don’t only hear the sounds, but at the same time feel them throughout the body. You can let yourselves be carried by their vibrations and resonances into trancelike spaces. I also love to use my voice and accompany the therapeutic processes by singing.

The “German Music Therapy Society” (DMTG) defines it as follows:
Music therapy is the systematic use of music within a therapeutic relationship which aims at restoring, maintaining and furthering emotional, physical and mental health. (…) „Music therapy“ is an overarching term for different music therapy concepts , which are psychotherapeutic in nature, in contrast to pharmacological and physical therapies.

During a therapy session or a seminar, I “forget” everything around me. I immerse myself into the depth of the moment, the encounters, the momentary process which I can hear, feel, and see synergetically. I often enter a trance-like state of focussed presence. It is a place of inner calmness and clarity, where knowledge, experience, and intuition merge …

The only thing that truly “heals”, or rather re-establishes the way we react or experience things, how we stimulate change, is – and I am rather old-fashioned this way – the setting free of already existing resources so that we can re-experience a successful relationship based on love and respect. Each method can therefore only be the facilitator.