Trance and Altered States of Consciousness

Trance is beneficial for both body and soul. It facilitates access to creativity and intuition; supports the opening of resources, and can reveal surprising solutions. The state of trance can be used for stress management and self-care, for vision and conflict resolution, and for prevention and therapeutic treatments. Finally, it opens the door to the quest for meaning and spirituality.

Various ancient and modern trance “techniques” can help us open doors to the perception of another or an expanded reality. In my seminars and therapy sessions, I offer both methods of rest and excitement (ecstasy):

  • Hypnosis by Milton H. Erickson
  • Visualisation techniques, imagination and bodywork
  • Singing and trance (toning, voice-healing, mantras, ritual chants)
  • Sound trance using archaic instruments and drums
  • Trance dance, shamanic dances
  • Different breathing techniques
  • Active and quiet meditation
  • Shamanic trance
  • „Ritual body postures and ecstatic trance”, an ancient method, re-discovered by the anthropologist Professor Felicitas Goodman

With the help of these specific body postures, we perceive another or an extended reality in the protective context of a ritual. This method is an ancient path to the treasures of archaic layers of our consciousness. During these rituals, we can experience rhythmically stimulated ecstatic trance and, among others, witness visions and receive answers to open questions. These experiences, which are made possible by these body postures, are centred around these broad topics: healing – metamorphosis – soul journey – speaking truthfully.

Our ability to experience different dimensions of reality during trance in a ritualistic context has been used by healers and shamans for thousands of years for diagnostic, therapeutic, and spiritual purposes. Although healing and spirituality are generally interwoven. In today’s so-called civilisation, this truly valuable capability, which is biologically rooted in the body of every human being, is often wasted or only acted out in a counterproductive way (e.g. during thrill of speed, drug abuse, overstimulation by noise, dangerous “fun” sports”, etc.). We usually lack culturally rooted communal spaces to get to know altered states of consciousness in a conducive context, so that we can use the experience in a positive way and incorporate it into our everyday life.

My seminars as well as individual work (coaching, psychotherapy, supervision) offer this protected space to experience different types of altered states of consciousness. I accompany interested parties in discovering the psychedelic potential of trance in a ritualised setting. It offers a place to process the experiences so that they can continue to work in a healing and constructive way and become useful at home and at work. Creative ways of expression (movement, painting, writing, making music etc.) and conversation will help shape and integrate the impressions.

→ If requested and to get a better understanding, a more detailed theoretical background about the applied methods and a more thorough explanation of “altered waking consciousness” will be given during some seminars. I also provide some insights about some of my research projects at the University Hospital Heidelberg regarding this topic.