The healing power of sounds

Time-out seminar day I:
The healing power of sounds

A melodious feel-good day in the beautiful Burghof Stauf with evening fire in the castle courtyard and free-dance offer to round off the evening.

Sat., 9 May 2020, 11.00 – 18.30 hrs

Location: Burghof Stauf in der Pfalz
Coach: Sabine Rittner

This seminar day introduces a cycle of three time-out seminar days within a year, which is dedicated to different approaches to healing forces and spaces within us. The seminar days can be booked individually or together.

In this seminar day we will rediscover our voice and explore its healing magic, as well as experience the effect of different trance-promoting sounds in depth, alternating between intensive sound-body-self-experience, silence and mutual exchange. There will also be a special “ritual posture” (according to Felicitas Goodman).

At an energetic power place on our castle hill with a wide view over the Palatinate Land we will experience the archaic sound of pre-Columbian “Peruvian Whistling Vessels”. These are ancient Peruvian ritual pipes, which – blown simultaneously over a longer period of time – have an extraordinary effect on our consciousness.

Thanks to the gift of their discoverer Daniel Statnekov, who made handmade replicas of these flutes for us, we have the unique opportunity to “travel” with the archaic Peruvian group sounds. A pleasurably relaxing sound bath in the flowing sounds of more than one hundred equally tuned strings of several monochord instruments rounds off the afternoon. After a delicious vegetarian dinner (on request) the evening can end with free dancing or in silence by the fire in the castle courtyard.

The seminar is suitable for participants who want to treat themselves during a relaxing time of well-being, who have an interest in self-awareness, who want to open up resources in themselves again. They can take along new strength, inspiration and impulses for healing change processes in their personal everyday life.

The place:
A children’s home on a Celtic settlement square and castle hill in the Northern Palatinate, which had been vacant for a long time, was converted by committed people into both a communal housing project ( and a guest house retreat centre ( with seminar facilities. The inauguration took place on 9.9.2017. This time-out seminar will take place at this special location, surrounded by mountain landscape and forests.

The view from our seminar room in the morning

The view from our seminar room in the morning

Seminar fee
95,- € (reduced 65,- €) / dinner with advance booking: 17,- €

How to get there
– by train to Eisenberg, where pick-up is possible (5,-€ per trip).
– in the car with shared car pools, a list of participants will be sent out in time.

Overnight stay
If you would like to enjoy a relaxing break after the seminar day, e.g. with a hike in the beautiful Palatinate Forest, lazing around, a massage or other individual wellness treatments on Sunday, you can spend the night in our “Burghof Stauf Guest House”:

11.00 – 18.30 h / Dinner 19.00 h / Free dance offer 20.00 – 22.00 h

The other seminar days:

Time-out seminar day II: Saturday, 10 October 2020
“The call of the drums – a ritual day with trance dance and trance drums.”
A day to revive healing vision and transformation powers – with an extensive trance dance ritual in the large, powerful circle of the collective trance drum and other creative elements.
Location: Heidelberg

Time-out seminar day III: Saturday, 28 Nov. 2020
“Dive into the silence – in the center of the storm.”
A retreat day with Sufi meditations, ecstatic whirl dance, Sufi mysticism and silence. With live music from the Sufi music group Hosh Neva. Large evening fire in the castle courtyard.
Location: Burghof Stauf in der Pfalz

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